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POI-Image may contain: one or more people, beard, selfie, closeup and indoor DAWN is an inspiration like her name, her works shine like the rising sun. We wake up  to  the embrace  of  the orange  like  yellow tinge  gently quilting  the eastern horizon  slightly above our African hills  and  we  hear excited  songs of early morning  birds . We  nod  our  sleep ridden heads as our  foul, tired  breath  resonate with fart of the wind and the jive  of infant sun-rays  over  the hills . DAWN is here, we all run to the village pulpit to beat the drum to invite for another millet beer binge or Mbaqanga concert. It’s Dawn. We  are greatly  humbled  to  present DAWN ,  an artist ,philanthropist , social ,climate , environment activist , writer ,poet ,organizer, originator and singer . Continue  to  follow our  blog journals, contact  us at  inspiringpersonalities@gmail.com .

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My greatest achievements, range from building a green, Eco- conscious self sustainable farm (which I feel is a life achievement) to recording and releasing my first album (The Faraway Sessions part 1), as well as the continued work I am doing with my art (painting, charcoals and tattooing) and decor and art for festivals such as splashy fen. I feel that having the strength to pursue my creative passions, as well as the stamina to continue despite the challenges, is my greatest achievement.

I have worked on projects such as Kwasuka Sukela (which provides a platform for local artist from every field from music to art and poetry), to assisting in developing the organisation called SACCRA (South African Cannabis and Community Regulatory Association) which has been lobbying for the free and fair access to the cannabis plant for all, as well as Izihlahla Ezil’hlaza, which is an initiative that  aims to use art, music, photography and poetry to bring attention to social and environmental awareness issues. My next goal is to set up a local art and creativity centre for the youth of Hammarsdale/Mpumalanga area .


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I have been working on the content for my second album, which I plan to record soon and release early next year, as well as the development of a local folk and reggae outdoor festival for early next year.

To woman and girls all over the world, we are the creators, the nurtures…we must nurture ourselves and each other and let our light and strength as woman shine through all that we do. We are strong beyond our physical capacity, our light is great beyond measure, and we must never again shrink from this strength and light in order to make others feel less insecure, but rather walk forward, confident of our abilities, leading by example.

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You can contact  DAWN  at  the  following email contacts,twistedtreeorganics@gmail.com.