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POI- Despina Kontaxi B –  is   undoubtedly a great poetess of  Greek origin , she boasts  of a  profound literary  arts resume  and  a  well  decorated career in letters  ,culture arts  and  poetry. Doctor of Letters , Translator , Spoken word Artist and Educator, Despina  is featured  in this Special November  POI  2017  blog journal  to  help  inspire several  literary arts practioners ,poets  , writers  and artists   dotted around the globe ,as well  as  reminding  them that  sheer determination , resilience  , effort ,patience and  creative potential  are undefeatable  attributes  that bring success to  our  doorsteps  for  the betterment of self  and  our countries.

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What is your greatest life, artistic, academic and creative
Well, it must be the fact that I never give up when I have a vision or dream. Also the fact that I always try to be a bit better every time I create something, usually poetically. I don’t have one specific in my mind and I think it will be unfair to mention just one or two. So creating is the greatest achievement. To walk on a journey that brings you close to new ideas, cultures and friends is a gift that life gives you.

 What roles are you playing in transforming your communities?

I always thought that roles where part of ancient Greek theatre, but since you are asking, inspiring roles I hope. Let us say as a physiotherapist and a poetess. These are my two basic roles. I hope to add a speck of light to what is called Modern Greek poetry by carving a small route on its path. In Greek the word poetry means  to mend  or  to  create.

What are your future prospects in your career and your life?
My future prospects to spread arts as much as possible, especially poetry, which is an art that I am really fond of. Artists should co-operate with each other. I believe that this is when the best forms of arts are born. When arts unite miracles can happen.

What is your parting shot to fellow women and girls?

Follow your dreams and don’t give up on them until you achieve them. Also remember that failure is a part of success.

Despina Kontaxis Ba Poetess and Translator was born in Greece on 22 July 1978. She is a recipient of Poeta Crociato Dell’ Unione Mondiale Dei Poeti –Crusader Poet of World Union of Poets (Italy), 1st Book Award by ISGWA for the book “Pravi-100 years of freedom” (Greece), 2nd Award at the 1st International Poetry Competition OLTEPA for the poem “Eros-wine-vineyard”­ (Greece), Mahatma Fule Talent Research Academy with the Mahatma Fule International Award,(Nagpur, India), 3 World Awards at the World Poetry Competition Interartia for the poems “The fall of Trapezounta”, “Cries” and “Heritage”. Book Award by the International Society of Greek Writers and Artists ISGWA for her book “The loneliness of the bedwalker” (Greece) Book Award “Midnight” by the ISGWA for the book “The purple kiss”(Greece). Honorary Distinction by the Panhellenic Union of Writers at the 26th Delphi Poetry Competition. (Greece), Award “Ares” for the poem “You are the light” at the 1st Mediterranean Poetry Competition (Greece) Metal by the UPLI for her contribution to World Brotherhood and Poetry (Greece).

Award by the ISGWA for the total of her poetry work (Greece), 3 World Awards at the World Poetry Competition Interartia for her poems “Echo of tragedy”, “Gloven balloon” and “Man was made” (Greece), “Award-Metal of Benefator” for the District of Kavala, Greece for her contribution in promoting the area where she lives through the Art of Poetry (Greece). Her poems have been selected by: The UN Disarmament Office, her poem “Hibakusha”, was selected for the top 10 in promoting Disarmament through Poetry (Japan), her poem “Sentimental Parade” was included in the Wedding Anthology “A Royal Romance” by Forward Press for William and Kate (UK). She is a recipient of Honorary Doctorate of Letters (UK) and Honorary Doctor of Poetry (Greece).