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POI- Displaying IMG_6350.JPG Theresa  Stromnes is a unique character , a confident human being , a vivid storyteller ,proactive  in all  her doings . The personality grew up in  a diverse of cultures , cults and traditions. Despite her  race . She grew up  to experience and adapt  in the strong  Zulu traditional cult. She devised   and  earned her story telling skills and  her  energy  , confidence and detail is unquestionable. Read with  attention  about this   amazing  personality. This  mesmerizing  personality  is more friendly to animal species and she is environmental friendly. Kindly send  your profiles  , stories and other writings  at inspiringpersonalities@gmail.com, follow our Facebook group  and our Twitter . Post your comments   and  likes  on the blog site.
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Unique Character -It is interesting to me that you would find me, out of all the many outstanding women in this world, as a woman of resilience and a mother of hope, for I am indeed that person in
my own small way. I cannot even begin to equate myself to women in refugee camps or to those who are raped and sold into slavery and, and, and….
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– When  an African become more African than her africaness– I come from a very Matriarchal background:
My father killed himself when I was three. My mother, a teacher, had to return to work to raise her 4 children. I was the third youngest. I walked to the local government schools and finally matriculated there.
An absolutely pivotal person in my life at this stage was my Zulu mother, Winnie Majola, Makhosi. There is so much to write about this incredible woman that it might be better to chat to you personally so that
you will be able to capture the true essencence of our connection. Winnie was my world. She spoke to the part of me that was African, to the woman who walked closely to the earth, who got up to feed her
children no matter what; the women who fiercely defended one another and their family and their ancestors and their culture and their belief and who kept it all going against all odds. Day after day we would sit
after school and eat lunch together at the old wooden table in the kitchen. Winnie always made be skoko (the crust of the phutu ) and imfino (zulu spinach ). (please excuse my spelling…I am just spelling the words
literally as I say them as I have never had a formal Zulu education )
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Anyway, at that stage Winnie was still a Thwasa and she over time became a full blown Makhosi. She always told me that my ancestors would call me and follow me and one day it would me my turn to throw the bones
and be a Makhosi. One night whilst cooking supper for my family, I dropped everything and said ‘I have to go”… ‘Winnie is calling me.”
I raced down to Mccords hospital and found exactly where her room was without ever having been there. She was guiding me of course. She turned to me; I said ‘Makhosi’. She said ‘Makhosi’, and she closed her eyes and died. There isn’t a day that she isn’t with me. I see her in all the spirit animals. Frog is birth and Bat is cleansing. I know she is with me. We laid her to rest at her family home in Impendle. We took her unresting  spirit from my mothers house with the imfundise and the hlahla mkhosi tree branch ( the buffalo thorn tree ) and she was at peace.
 Your parting  shot to other women and girls?
So, I supposed I am working back to front in answering this question first but if you know what you want and love and believe in, then you will find your truest 
and most sustainable path and hopefully joy and fulfillment. I have always said that it would be so perfect if we were born with wisdom and then gradually became 
childlike rather than the other way around. We are expected to make the biggest decisions in our life when we the most ‘unwise’. Alas, there must be a reason that 
it is that way….
Anyway, here are some of the things that I have learnt and that I think all women should know:
A lot of it has been said before but has become clichéd and so we just brush over it and don’t really believe in it.
You are beautiful and strong and capable beyond your wildest imagination. ITS NEVER ABOUT YOUR PHYSICAL APPEARANCE. Beauty shines from within.
Remember the time you were exhausted and plagued with illness and still got up to bathe and feed your children? That is mother.
Remember when you held out a hand to someone else in need? That is compassion.
Remember when you put all you plans on hold for someone else.That is selflessness.
Remember when you put on your best dress and some makeup and braided your hair for 4 hours, even though you had so many other things that needed your
attention, like work, school, family, food,housekeeping…but you did that for someone else knowing that you would work late into the night to complete your chores
…that is love and kindness and woman.
You will always find the strength somewhere to get through everything that needs to be done. I don’t know how it works, and when I look back at raising my two 
sons on my own and working full time, I don’t know how it happened and how I did it. I believe in God and I believe in miracles and I believe in women.
You are not edified by the man whose arm you lean on or by the children who bear your name. You are edified by being beautiful, strong, courageous,
kind, forgiving, selfless, intelligent, wise and invincible.
Don’t compare yourself to others. There are always people who are more beautiful or more clever or more accomplished or, or,or, or….you are perfect just the way
you are and everyone has a gift; nurture it.
Spend your time with people who uplift you and know your ‘wonderfullness’.
Never give up on love.
Love and respect your mothers and grandmothers and all older women in your life. Spend time with them and listen to their stories and glean their wisdom and
understand your roots and background and culture. 
Learn to sew a quilt and cook a family meal and plant a vegetable garden. 
Happy girls are the prettiest girls. Have fun, laugh a lot and dance and sing, even alone at home if you are shy to do it in front of others. Move your beautiful body.
Note–-Theresa inspires  a generation of  young women and girls. Her story  is  a true story and can help  avert xenophobia attitudes.