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POI-  Image may contain: 1 personTatenda Murigo is  a fair rising  poetess   from  Zimbabwe and She is currently residing in  East African Country of Tanzania.  The Poetess is unique in  her voice and she is  in her tender  years .CATCH THEM YOUNG. The norm in creative and talent development. Tatenda is  a 17 year old already  inking  her verse with brevity and wit. She yearns for better world  of women and girls . Tender might  be the voice  ,brave  are verses.Tatenda is an avid reader , an aspiring photographer. The poetess also want to become both an author and a practicising medical doctor. Go Tatenda Go!

This is not a call out to feminism
Or any prism of a one-sided vision.
This is a mission, a conviction:
Coalition of a nature we call “women”
For this day I’ve been waiting.
Waiting for no more self-esteem
To be lost in the realm
Of human perception
When you, woman, are divine creation
Why then be dependent
On the words resonant
Of mankind?
I’m waiting and hoping
That you’ll find
Your true beauty where it does not wither
I pray you daren’t compare your beauty to another sister
Because you are customly made into perfection
Far more worth than a rare collection
Or rubies
Let your heart be fruitful
And expand to the breathtaking features
You were blessed with.
Your being is not a myth.
I pray that your body may be a temple
Of your heart,
Guarded, protected and never led apart
From your worth and value
Women, to you I salute:
Leaders and inspirers
Mothers and sisters
Dreamers and wishers
And friends, the list never ends.
You are beautiful
You are woman.


Man oh man,
You brute of a man
Because another man
Was caught killing a wo-man
Was she such a woe to man
That that man had to kill the woman?
Explain to me man
Why are all of man one?
Man oh man,
You brute of a man
Because another man
Raped a wo-man
Is it his failure to woo, man
That he had to force the woman
Explain to me man
Why are all of man one?
Man oh man,
You brute of a man,
Because another man
Beat his wo-man
Can’t he realize she’s woven from man
That he had to slash the woman
Explain to me man
Why are all of man one?
Man oh man,
Some brutes of a man
Because another man
Cannot treat a wo-man.
In all attempts they just wound, man
And add salt to the woman
Explain to me man
Why not all of man are one?

Living in a world where
Segregation is not classified by color
Nor class,
Nor intellect.
We’re living in a world where
Gender determines your fate.
“Cursed be the girls!”
They are ranting silently,
Not to the mouth
But in the way they move,
Order and instruct.
In the way they choose,
Filter and conduct
Acts of discrimination;
That just because I have a pair of breasts
I have a lower entitlement
To freedom,
To nature.
We fear for the girl child, yes,
But why are men seemingly greater?
If you could remove his manhood
Would we then be equal?
What is so valiant, so brave about him that…
Woman are the sequel
To inferiority and weakness?
That women are the definition of fragile and meekness?
And then we question humanity when feminism starts to arise,
And we say, “Oh that’s not right, they’re just spreading lies.”
Yet we cower in the truth
That women are underestimated,
It’s a world where mistakes are not compensated
Even though they admit in making them,
They’re still making more.
That because the blood that can sustain life
Is seeping out of my skirts.
And that I don’t want to be a housewife
And sometimes I do get hurt.
Now I am a no one.
Or in fact, I’m just a someone.
I want them to know that
I’m more than a woman.
I’m more than the curves I possess,
I’m more than the way I dress.
I’m more than the weave I buy,
I’m more than my heels – so high.
I’m more than just a mother,
Sister, friend, wife.
I do more than just give life.
I am more than stretch marks
That strike
Thunderbolts and lightning
On my thunder thighs.
I am more than my chubby cheeks,
I am more than my mallow face.
I seek,
I find.
I knock,
I’m answered.
I’m as good as any other believer.
I. Am. Woman
And you should respect that.


And her mother told her to smile
Because that’s what gentleladies do.
And she said it would be worthwhile
To not let others know what you’re going through.
And she told her to not treat her life
Like an open book.
Where anyone or anything was free to look;
‘Cause once she got her life back,
Lurkers would effortlessly stab
At her past
And here she’ll be thinking that she could trust
The world.
“Don’t do that baby girl”.
And her mother told her to always curtsey
To strangers
Because she’d never the possibility of danger
Or favor
In her future.
“So just be kind, one day they’ll pardon you from torture”.
And she listened.
And she smiles
Everything around her is going down
Or up; she daren’t frown
Because she’s always gotta keep up her little crown.

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