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Writers across the world tend to think that they just need to write and relax until a publisher passes through their work. It’s quite  stereotypical thinking, it’s really ancient and more traditional and even more opressionalitic in nature  especially by those who might  have designed   such  mentality . If it’s not complacence  , laziness and  ignorance.

The Pre -colonial writer , poet and artist was more dependent on  the publisher  and the bookshop. His or her success was more hinched on his ability to impress a certain class of society as well as the   marketing and sales acumen- ship of the publisher. By then book fairs were a lifeline of many writers around the world. The writers community suffers a great deal as many book festival fell apart mostly in Africa were economies are falling apart. Life became and become tough especially for those who have failed to clinch the golden opportunity of the social media/digital revolution. Many who are keen, resilient and disciplined have quite social media as a instrumental tool to popularize their writings, skills and talents. A lot of social media tools are at the writers , story tellers disposal and are spaces supposed to be used  by  writers to familiarize their voices and exchange  more with  the global community. Platforms like blogger , word press, myspace ,yookos ,  twitter  , tumblr,facebook , linkedin , instagram , pinterest  and many other social media spaces  have  popularized a lot of both serious and undisciplined  writers . Though most profoundly the positive advantages of social  media have been highly proven.  Writers can exchange with their publishers, agents, other writers ,festivals  , book  centres ,  online amazons of today without much sweat and  difficulty.  A lot of opportunities are opened by these spaces. We need also to bear in mind that social media  spaces have their own disadvantages but then we can  strive  to bring the best out of the digital revolution.


One of the  best example of  writers who are  digitally  disciplined   is  Creative Writer , Award-winning Story teller , Creative Writing  and Social Entrepreneur Tsitsi Tsopotsa, the Author  has  left   no stone  unturned in popularizing  her  creative writing  brand. Her books and stories are popularized on various  book marketing social media platforms and she never stopped working  towards the familiarization of her voice through these spaces . She is one among African young women writers  to  create a book trailer of her story Zebra crossings and most  of her vlogs  are trending  on YouTube  and Google. Her stories  can  be also  found on kindle direct and Amazon.

Recently she launched  a creativity project  meant to  mentor  women writers on  writing short stories– Setseno  Short Story Women  Mentorship Club , the project is still in its infancy  but  it  gaining its popularity and  some amount respect among writers ,poets , filmmakers and story tellers  in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa, Africa and  the World.

Towards the close of the great year of God 2016 – the author clinched  an international prize  through  her satire-comic story on Zimbabwe , DIARY OF THE USAH. Such   a hardworking    and disciplined personality. She is rightly using  social  media and  digital spaces to tell her story  , the Zimbabwean  story , the African  story  our story.

Writers should emulate this mesmerizing bundle of talent .

By Mbizo Chirasha- Creative Communities Expert, Writer , acclaimed Poet and Publisher.