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POI- She enjoys tackling on this sacred mantra , the mantra of defending and reflecting issues the voices of our daughters , mothers , sisters and girls. Her mantra is rightly positioned. The defiance of patriarchal and traditional stereotypes against the women or the famine gender race. Her poetry stands out with a clear voice of a mother and a defiant youthful girl who does not tolerate the jibe of cultural redundancy and cultural /historical gender negative perceptions. The poet refuses to to be a cry baby but she also flexes her metaphoric muscle against the patriarchal and masculine autocracy. Chido Ndoro is a poet, creative artist, academic, social critic and gender rights activist . Readers , critics , writers ,poets , academics contact the POI publishers at inspiringpersonalities@gmail.com or contact the Founder and Publishing Executive Mbizo Chirasha.
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Her hands are scarred,
By the fire that threatens
To consume her.
Her body is feeling
The effects of the neglect,
The carelessness,
The corruption
Of those that came before her.

Her once fragile hands
Handle the uncompromising burden
Of providing for the little ones.
Her young eyes
Look at the world
With hopelessness,
No longer with fear.
She no longer remembers
Days of plenty,
For she was born into a world of want,
A world filled with greedy men,
Who only care about filling their stomachs,
Fattening their pockets.

Her young ears
Hear of a revolution,
She revels at the idea;
Yes, for a better future
She must put aside herself,
And move along with change.


I have become a liar
To myself.
I have become my own deceiver,
For I cannot bear to tell myself the truth.
I have become a liar,
Because I am not meant to believe
Lying is what I deserve.
I lie so I can be set free,
Free from the truth that haunts me,
The haunting ghosts of reality.

I lie to myself,
So others won’t hear my lies.
I have become a liar,
Because my ears long for lies,
Lies my lips tell,
Lies my ears hear,
Lies I don’t wish others to hear.

I have become a liar,
And I give myself to the waters of lies,
Threatening to swallow me.
I have become a liar
And I can’t be saved.
I have been lying,
And my eyes are in too deep,
I can’t see reality on the horizon.
I have become a liar,
Even the truth can’t set me free.


Fitting in
Is all I try to do
In their world.

I live in a world
Where I have been trapped
In ankle breaking heels
That have to define who I am.
I am trapped in a world
Of rib-smashing corsets
That shrink me.
I have been confined
In a world
Where I have to conceal
My scars,
My burns,
My flaws
With make up
That makes up what they want.
I have to endure
Acrylic burning my nails
So I can avert their disapproving looks.

I have had enough
Of “looking pretty”
“On fleek”
I have had enough
Of having my hair pulled
This way and that
So I can fit in
In a world that won’t accept me.
I have had enough
Of apologising for being who I am.

I rip the posters from my wall,
Posters that set me up
For a world
That doesn’t allow me to be
Who I want to be;
Let me be fat and happy,
Let me be nerdy and happy,
Let me be angry and happy,
Let me rejoice in being who I am,
Female and woman,
Woman and independent,
Independent and part of your world.

We should stop admiring ourselves,
Learn to love ourselves,
Avert their disapproving gazes,
With what makes us who we are
Because it is us,
Only us,
That can make their world
Ours too.
We simply have to work.

As they come,
The knives, swords, weapons
She remains unmoved.

As they unleash
The burden of oppression,
As their wild fire of lies
Threaten to consume her,
She stands still.

As they point out her flaws,
Her curves,
Her scars,
She is deaf to their menacing words.

She has taught herself
To love their weapons,
Weapons they use to subdue her,
Weapons they use to disarm her with.

She has become a rebel
Because she has learnt to embrace herself,
She no longer conforms to your rules,
You have built an impenetrable wall,
But you forget,
She is different,
A new breed,
A different kind of woman,
Unmoved by threats.
She is not afraid,
She stands here
Looking at the wall
The wall she knows will never open up,
The wall that confines her.
She takes out her hammer
And smashes the wall of patriarchy
You have used to subdue her for so long.
The cycle ends now.

In my world,
Want and dissatisfaction reign,
Discontent rules.
In my world
Nothing is ever enough,
Ever there;

My world is infested
With stress,
An incurable disease,
Draining out my life-force.
My world is consumed
By tears
That burn my fragile skin.

My world has been invaded
By greedy vultures
Who do not care
Whether we die or not.
My world has been deceived
By men who lie,
Men who cover their tracks
When they swindle our money
From right under our noses.
My world is filled with dishonest men
Who lie through their teeth.
My world is in a haze,
For I do not know
If my world will change.
Chido J. Ndoro Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses and closeup  is a protest and women’s issues poet. She has been writing since 2009 . She only started writing protest literature in 2016. She is in her final year at Great Zimbabwe University where she is studying for a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in English and Applied Communication. She mainly focuses on protest literature that addresses the political, economic and social issues in Zimbabwe and Africa at large. She also addresses women issues in her poetry, seeking to bring to light the difficulties women face in today’s society. She hopes to keep writing and have a book published in the near future.


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