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Diary of the USAH  for me is a not only  a   long story or short story . It is a soap  opera of the the Zimbabwean political , social ,cultural   , economic and moral decadence . It is   an allegory  that reflects the hypocrisy of the Zimbabwean government regime that they seem to reject anything  anglo-saxonic or american while they enjoy and loot the same  currency , build houses , abuse  young girls and booze  in expense of  the  masses wailing and  grinding  in abject poverty. This story  ,Diary of the USAH  is a Zimbabwean story and  it is very prophetic to the Zimbabwean past  and present . It is timeless . I think thus why it won  an  international award. Animal Farm by George is  a satire  written as a fable and the novel  is also n very timeless. It resonates with pseudo- pan African , nationalistic , socialistic and communistic  bureaucracies  which graduates into unfair , unjust , tyrant , autocratic , political titans.  This  story is  a both  a must READ and  a must  BUY  story.

Diary of a USAH: The Zimbabwe US Dollar by [Tsopotsa, Tsitsi]

Diary of a USAH – The Zimbabwe US Dollar is a comedy-satire short story about Zimbabwe’s currency situation conceived and written by Tsitsi Tsopotsa.

The story depicts a mythical journey of a United States Dollar Note through various hands and scenarios. The setting is present day Zimbabwe where many different currencies replaced the Zimbabwe dollar following its collapse.

The cover was painted by Barry Lungu.

This ebookis the first product from Setseno which will soon be selling short stories from developing countries. Setseno works with writers to develop their skills and encourages collaboration with artists so that together they can raise their profiles to sell their work to wider audiences in the rest of the world.

Part of the proceeds from this ebook sale will go towards supporting Setseno programmes including the mentoring programme. The mentor programme will launch by supporting writers in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria.

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It is proof beyond the shadow of clear doubt that these works continue inspire the young  and growing generation of writers in Zimbabwe , Africa and around the globe.

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