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POI DrumBeatImage result for small a reggae colors microphone– In this special journal of the special unique month of women. Poetry and books we feature  a unique  and a resilient personality. Whose personality tally with our editorial policy of POI and the   journal subject matter. The personality who has become a mesmerizing brand has refused to  fall from the ladder  of creativity ,  art and inspiration. The star sings Conscious and soul reggae- her music will always massage your ticking heart and the warmth that comes with the lyrical wax of her voice detains you in the musical Jacuzzi  merriment. She is a philanthropist, a beauty queen, a well-travelled artist, an event organizer, a branding specialist and   a celebrity socialite. The star is highly humble. She is a versatile, great woman who boasts of tremendous commitment and amazing talent. She has really defied all negatives and odds.  Take a stroll through her artistic garden. Beware to meet musical bees waxing lyrical nectar from the violets in this creative  artistic bliss.

You can contact POI at inspiringpersonalities@gmail.com

and the featured  personality at https://www.facebook.com/eyahra.mathazia


1.artistic achievements – Four  time National  Arts Merit award winner,  a YEZI award winner , a Ngoma award winner – creative achievements -working with top music producers locally and abroad , having my music on rotation in Europe , across Africa , and the Caribbean and Americas , just rolling out complete quality music projects Education achievements – still studying medical aesthetics you are never to old to learn … Life achievements – formulating my own fragrance and cosmetics line and being able to support my folks of it .

2.I’m a philanthropist and my philanthropic work has motivated other musicians and artists to follow suit and raise awareness and fundraise in the communities.

3.Future – To become a mother … Release my DVD album , grow Eyahra beauty workshop live a peaceful life .

4.Have faith in God, educate yourself , support each other in this mans world, respect yourself ,believe you can and assert yourself with confidence

5.  Eyahra Image may contain: 1 person-meaning “daughter of the sun and moon” Eyahra was born to Portuguese and Zimbabwean parents and grew up listening to conscious reggae music ,her parents being members of the Zimbabwean Caribbean association. At the age of 4 she was invited to accompany Joseph hill on stage during Cultures Tour. To his delight she was comfortable and confident ,singing “Jah set I n I as watch men around Babylonian walls” She attended key board and voice training lessons from the age of 8 with Antiguan music tutor Anna Cato at Siana sounds and uses the key board when composing . When she was 11 years old she entered a prestigious singing competition ,the two Macabee covers she performed won her first prize affording her and her sister appearances on the Joy Tv billboard. At school she scooped both the music and drama trophies . In high school the range and depth of her singing expanded as she performed with choirs and began singing back up for an eclectic range on southern African musicians ,Paul Sila,Ernest Sando,Edgar langervelt,Barney de Sousa,Jonas Gwangwa,mbongeni Ngema and suthukazi Arosi. When she felt ready to step out on her own she founded the reggae jazz orchestra KIBO. Kibo ,comprising a group of talented young musicians caused a stir . Their album “The calling” has been described as reggazz ( reggae jazz) due to the high standard of musicianship and the excellent solos in this reggae jazz album which was produced by Sethu studios in South Africa in 2009 and is a ten track album featuring vocals of Eyahra,billy mo and Madbwoyy Khaki. Kibo although being an orchestra ,was also a music training program for school leavers in which they would learn to read and write music . Eyahras honeyed voice was sampled by a Jamaican producer who fell in love with her sound and this merger afforded her a second album “Jah Worx ” which has 15 tracks and was produced ,engineered and mixed by Jamaican producer Everton “dr caveman” Moore of Caveman Studios International in 2012 in 2013 he flew to Zimbabwe from Jamaica and worked on her third album Mirror Mirror . Both albums were written by Eyahra with input from dub poet XAPA and are a conscious and positive social commentary. In 2014 she produced ,wrote and recorded her fourth album “A Simple Thank You ” at Empress entertainment ,with producers Caveman, Shayzar,Stotter,Xfecta,Blackstarliner studios,audiophiles,chil4real and Cymplex of solid records, the album was mastered by Mix Masters international. This album and her subsequent recordings reflect deeper emotions as her personal experiences and feelings come through enhancing her music. Her music is well received all round and can be heard from Ghana to Jamaica,Kenya to Germany,Swaziland to Sierra Leone . Her fifth album is almost complete ,she alternates Reggae ,dancehall and lovers tracks including singing in Portuguese . Whatever style she embraces ,Eyahra insists on being conscious and pushing herself to give her fans the best she can. Between studio time ,she performs at concerts , handles her own beauty range called Eyahra Beauty Workshop and fragrance range called Eyahra by Eyahra . Eyahra is dedicated to charity work and has been recognized by the institute of Philanthropy who have awarded her an honorary award in philanthropy. She has won 4 National Arts and Merits Awards (NAMAS) for Best television and film actress and Best theatre actress ,Best work in HIV /aids Awareness and Best television talk show . Yezi award Best actress . Her acting career has taken her.