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   TitBIt from the PublisHerImage result for typewriter images for free Sinawo  Bukani is  a courageous social media  expert. The expert who has defied  all stereotypical odds .She treadled in the jungles  historically and culturally  owned by the male race. She  defied masculine  professional dictatorship  and successful  become a powerful  and excellent  hunter  in  the cyber jungles of   google , yahoo .,twitter , myspace , yookos ,facebook , instagram and  wordpress. She has mastered the art like the dove to the morning melodies.Sinawo  is a dedicated literary journalist and Social media strategist.Our journal is highly humbled to profile such  a personality who  will inspire more women and girls even the male community. For  comments   send your comments and views   in the commentary box underneath and also contact the team at inspiringpersonalities@gmail.com

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  What are your greatest life, artistic, academic or creative achievements?

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As someone who’s struggled for many many years with depression and anxiety, honestly every single day that I get out of bed and live my life is actually an achievement for me. I celebrate every baby step I take. One of the biggest decisions that I’ve ever made and the one that I’m most proud of has to be quitting my corporate job about a year ago to become a writer. It was quite an uncertain time for me, I wasn’t clear what would come next or which direction to take to prove to myself that I hadn’t just made the biggest mistake of my life. In just a matter of months through hard work and dedication, I’ve transfigured myself into a versatile Content Creator and Social Media Strategist. I’ve successfully managed two blogs, skilfully designing and producing material for over a 150 blog posts. I’ve also authored essays, short stories and articles for publication.

      What roles are you playing in transforming your communities?

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  • With my blog I always hope to speak out loud, to give a voice to those who haven’t yet found their.. I share my journey as a young black women in Africa who is building herself from scratch. There is no map, there’s certainly no memo, I am constantly taking wild leaps of faith conquering the unknown. My story is not only my own but resembles that of many like me. I just have the platform to share it.

  • My blog has helped me bring awareness to social issues. Even though, it can be incredibly overwhelming to have the courage to speak up, not knowing how people will respond to my thoughts and convictions is also quite daunting.

  • As a Social Media Strategist, I’ve advanced my track record of creating and implementing successful social media campaigns that have made a positive impact in many hearts and minds.

  • This year, I’ve also been challenged by one of my old high school teachers to start mentoring a young lady who’s in Grade 9 and has already published a book. It’s super exciting and humbling to already be entrusted with the responsibility of guiding and helping her, hopefully so that she evades some of the hardships I’ve been through in my journey of becoming a creative.

      What are your future prospects in your career and your life?

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  • As a Social Media Strategist, I have a genuine desire of seeing brands within the African Literature Space succeed. I’ve already thrown myself in a few passion projects to help them flourish. I can’t stand by and watch a great concept fall apart when I know my contribution is vital and will make a major difference. So I’d love to do more of this kind of fulfilling work that really excites and makes me feel most alive.

  • Amongst other things, I will be hosting an exhibition of my work, later on this year. I’m also hoping this will be the year I publish my debut novel.

    What is  your parting shot to fellow women and girls?

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  • It’s such an exciting time to be a woman in South Africa, it’s interesting because women are becoming curious about things we’ve always been taught to shun away from questioning. I wrote a status just a while ago and I was taken aback when younger ladies I taught in Sunday school were engaging me about patriarchy. It made me feel so proud. I think what has helped me was to grow out of my box and seek to experience and know beyond what my upbringing and circle of friends could offer me at the time. Connections on social media also helped in opening my eyes and igniting that yearning to be more and know more.

Sinawo Bukani– is a Social Media Strategist & Content Creator. Her SuperPowers include: Literary Journalism, Blogging & CopyWriting. She’s also a Foodie who spends her time, reading and attending cool events then writing about them.

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