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Our bEaT-   In this    month  of February  when the globe celebrate  love and love matters . Inspiring Personalities journal brings you the art of paradox from a fast  rising Princess of paradox Munia Khan with her poetry whispering to the ears of  this world about  the plight and the joys of the girl child.Inspiring Personalities blog  is a journal  for mothers of hope and women of resilience. It celebrates Valentines  with you with these paradoxical verses from a versatile poet Munia Khan. We wish Munia to continue using  verses in  celebrating life  and whispering joys and struggles of humanity  into  ears of the world.
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‘In the Garden’
Her purposed love is crossed with the thorns
Reality- no bed of roses; she mourns
She visits her garden before the morning
Before the dawn she stops her mourning
For the daylight seems to chide her tears
Sad inked smile on her rosy lips smears
Blot of pain from the past few years
Those roses are here with some fragranced fears
Now alone she sits in memorable garden
Where roses appear to be her only burden
‘Her Thoughts & The Phases of The Moon’
As she is standing here on earth
her thoughts set out with the variations
in the relative positions of the Earth, Sun and Moon
Unknown thoughts inside her mind are traveling during lunation;
with the phases of the moon

First with the new moon:

Her thought filled with anticipation begins to travel around the galaxy
Then with the first quarter:
Her thought mingles with the expectations of the unexpected of this world.

Later with the full moon:

She is expecting the unexpected as if
she wants to make the unexpected expected
And thus her thought intensifies in this phase

Yet with the third quarter the act of thinking

has become reducible with the fear
that her thoughts might not be able to confront the lunar eclipse

Thus, her mind starts to wander again

thinking how she could face the time
when the Sun, the Earth and the Moon will be in line
when the shadow of the earth falls upon the moon

Can she light up the moon then?
Can she enlighten the Earth?

I love to dream with you
With you I love to dream
Now believe it or forsake it
The nightmare is nowhere to scream

Dream, my world! Dream together
Together let’s dream in mind
The forbidden thoughts or weary hearts
Nowhere could ever we find

Dream on dreamer dream with me
With you I am on my wings
Fluttering desires to float or soar
Censure the hellish flings

Let us dream in one way forever
In hope let’s swell our lives
With smokeless love or vaporous hatred
One promise merrily strives

‘She Seems Happy’
She seems happy
For her misery never deprives her of smile
Shadowy flame of that smile ignites
Her grief never forces her to change her style.

She seems happy
As happiness has chained her to its side
The strongest chain of a series of connected woes!
Her state of bliss in chains deserves no pride

She seems happy
Since no expression is able to reach her lips
Only a weeping whim shrouded in joy

 As inflected feeling inside of her flips!

‘Where I Belong’
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(A Villanelle)
That is the place where I belong
The place under the same blue sky
But I won’t be there for so long

Where birds can’t sing the same earth’s song
And worms smile when the soil gets dry
That is the place where I belong

Where without wind, storms come along
to tease the sun that stays nearby.
But I won’t be there for so long.

Where stars weep when the night is strong
On nothing the moon can rely
That is the place where I belong

Where right loves to echo with wrong
Still the truth never stops to vie
But I won’t be there for so long

Tide is there about to prolong
When the time keeps on asking ‘Why?’
That is the place where I belong
But I won’t be there for so long

Written By Munia Khan.

Author’s Biography Image may contain: 1 person, textMunia Khan was born on a spring night of 15th March in the year 1981. She enjoys her journey to the literary world. Most of her works are poems of different genres.She is the author of three poetry collections :  ‘Beyond The Vernal Mind’ (Published by Xlibris Corporation, USA in 2012) ‘To Evince The Blue’ (Published by Xlibris Corporation, USA in 2014)and ‘Versified’ (Published by Tiktakti Publishing Company, ISRAEL in 2016). Her poetry is the reflection of her own life experience.Her works have been translated into various languages: Japanese, Romanian, Urdu, Spanish, Bengali and Irish.