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Catherine Magodo -MutukwaImage may contain: 1 person, closeup– was born in the1980s in Mutare but grew up in Harare.She is a Zimbabwean poet/author currently based in South Africa.She has a keen eye for detail, an attribute that makes her a veritable artist and social commentator.In all her writing, she aspires to uplift the morale of women everywhere and to inspire all womenfolk to tell their stories and create others. Here  is her   exclusive  profile . Have a good read and get inspired  by her thoughts , ideas , projects and  her counsel. Send your in the comment box underneath , send articles , profiles , essays   , news and events to  inspiringpersonalities@gmail.com,  exchange with us on our facebook group -https://www.facebook.com/groups/744218892315943/
What was your greatest life,artistic,academic and creative achievements?
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From a young age, I’ve always known that I was meant to make a difference in this world in fact it is  innate.I knew it had something to do with the girl child emancipation.When I discovered my talent everything fell into place and the rest is history.  I didn’t know that my talent is intertwined with my purpose.Writing opened up doors of opportunities that have enabled me to fulfill my dream and achieve my goal.I’m able to employ my emotions, gut feelings and empathy to engage with the masses driving home the very essence of my mission.The books that I have managed to publish and feature in thus far have singled me out as an advocate not only for the girl child but women at large.To accomplish all this, first, I needed the tools that is why at school I pursued and attained a B.A English and Communication studies degree which has helped me a lot with my passion.In most instances, my work shows ideas that prove to of practical use to others.Therefore I can safely say, the above mentioned are my greatest achievements so far.
What roles are you playing in transforming your communities?
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A. I’m advocating for the girl child by highlighting various issues that affects them physically, mentally and emotionally while campaigning for #endchildmarriages. To achieve this, I have partnered with a local NGO ShamwariYeMwanasika.They forward to me notes of cases dealt with from which I compile and write stories bringing awareness on relevant issues. Such a collaboration resulted in a book being published in 2015, ‘Silent Cries- The Violate Speak’.Part of the proceeds go towards helping out the NGO ‘s efforts to assist the affected girls.I’m also currently working on a story based on true events in the life of a girl who was married off at young age after she had been raped by an older
man.It is my hope that through the dialogues which will arise from people reading this book,will result in some of the legislation that oppress the girl child being amended.
What are your future prospects in your career and life?
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Being a self-motivated, determined and proactive person who doesn’t like failing, I see only one way out and that is succeeding.Be it in my career or life. I’m actually thinking of doing another degree in Psychology or perhaps a Masters in Gender Studies so that in the near future .I will be able to set up my own practice as a Psychologist thereby making my  abilities  more effective.
 What is your parting shot to fellow women and girls?
 Don’t let the world tell you who you are, don’t let it change you, believe that you can and you will.Remember, it all starts in the mind and ends there.
Contact Cathy at-cathymutukwa@yahoo.com