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 Editorial Summaryyour Profile Photo, Image may contain: one or more people, eyeglasses, sunglasses, smoking and closeup– Kectil program is becoming a platinum  international project . It is currently training a vast of talented and creative youth in leadership skills.  A number of initiatives have been  invented to grow the program into leaps and bounds . 2017 is a bee hive year for the Kectil Programs Team . Popularizing   and growing up the  program  is truly the greatest goal of the Kectil team . More youth are being  offered the chance to shine. Personalities of inspiration journal continues to highlight Kectil programs and events  to continue inspiring the growing young people around the world ,particularly in Africa.

Kectil Founder and President- Sherry Knowles.

Kectil Vice President-Christopher Zalesky

  1. Kectil highlighted   on a global  opportunities haven.

The Kectil Program is pleased to spotlight “PCDN 3.0”, which was created to provide a web-based site for the global social change community, connecting over 37,000 individuals/organizations engaged in social entrepreneurship, development peacebuilding and related fields. Since its founding PCDN has had over 5,000,000 visitors and 22,000,000 page views. PCDN 3.0 provides a daily digest with new and key opportunities, video and audio chat, over 50 resource guides on key topics in the field, webinars on social change and more. You can learn more about PCDN at http://pcdnetwork.org.

The Kectil Program was highlighted on the PCDN website on November 9 (https://pcdnetwork.org/forums/topic/118822/).


2. The  Kectil  Ongoza Pact!

The Kectil Program is pleased to announce a collaboration with the Ongoza Youth organization (www.ongozayouth.org), located in Nairobi, Nakuku and Migori Kenya. The goal of Ongoza is to inspire disenfranchised youth to realize economic freedom and to positively contribute to society. Ongoza trains and mentors youth to grow their enterprises and social consciousness to make a difference in their communities.

3. In collaboration with  a South Africa Project.

The Kectil Program is very pleased to announce that it is collaborating with The Gauteng Tshepo 500,000 (www.tshepo500ktshwane.co.za), which is an employment creation and entrepreneurship development program in Gauteng Province, South Africa.  The organization is charged with the goal to train, provide skills to and mentor 500,000 underprivileged youth through a set of projects aimed at empowering them by giving hope, employability and entrepreneurial skills. “Tshepo” means hope in Sesotho and trust in Setswana. The Gauteng Tshepo 500,000 works in townships and other economically challenged areas, providing direction and on the ground support for youth in the Gauteng province that includes Johannesburg and Pretoria. The organization is supported by the provincial government of Gauteng. The Kectil Program and The Gauteng Tshepo 500,000 Program will work together to encourage these youth to participate in The Kectil Program, and to provide further support and mentorship.


4.Kectil in WIPO Mag


We are very pleased to announce that The Kectil Program has been highlighted in the August issue of WIPO Magazine. WIPO is the World Intellectual Property Organization, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, which is an agency of the United Nations.  The Kectil Program is on the cover and in an article starting on page 36.  WIPO Magazine is published in three languages (En, Fr and Sp) in online and hardcopy format.  Please visit www.wipo.int/wipo_magazine, and generally, to learn more about WIPO, go to www.wipo.int.  Sherry Knowles, the founder of Kectil, gave the first announcement of The Kectil Program at the April 2016 WIPO Conference on Intellectual Property and Development in Geneva.

5. Brightest  Young Minds in a dance with Kectil.


On July 22, 2016 –    Sherry Knowles, founder of The Kectil Program, met with Dhiren Govender, CEO of Brightest Young Minds in Africa last week to discuss how the two organizations can collaborate to create synergies in their programs to benefit potential youth leaders in developing countries.

Brightest Young Minds has a goal to identify, connect and mobilize Africa’s most innovative and responsible young people. It was founded in 2000 with a vision to create a platform that showcases the potential of South Africa’s brightest young minds to fast track their development for the benefit of the country. Mr. Govender was appointed CEO of BYM in 2013 after he participated as a delegate in 2012.

The main annual initiative of BYM is an annual five-day summit, which gives delegates a team challenge that requires application of practical solutions in the form of sustainable initiatives or businesses with a social impact. BYM selects 100 new young people out of over 1,000 applicants and a rigorous application process each year to join its annual program. It recently completed a very successful Summit 2016, held in Johannesburg, South Africa. [details]

Ms. Knowles asked Mr. Govender what BYM considers to be the best indicator of leadership and potential success to qualify for its program. Mr. Govender observed that a prior demonstration of initiative that might be the prior accomplishment of a project or creation of a company is the best predictor. He noted that while pursuit of an education is very important, it is not the key indicator of success. In fact, a youth with less formal education but experience in accomplishing a practical project that meets a need is preferentially selected over a youth pursuing education only. In essence, translation of personal capacity to action that make a positive difference is the key.

BYMs has a history of introducing companies to these preselected leaders for internships. BYM’s primary sponsor has been Barclays Bank Africa, which has benefited by access to these African youth leaders.

Ms. Knowles and Mr. Govender have agreed to collaborate going forward to share information on identified youth leaders and to support both projects through reach out, awareness and cross-support.

The Malmar Knowles Family Foundation and The Kectil Program welcomes Bright Young Minds (www.bym.co.za) as a Collaboration Partner.

6. Lets go to the Conference- Altanta USA.

The Kectil Program is greatly pleased to announce that the August 2017 Global Youth Leadership Conference will be held on the beautiful campus of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the top-ranked universities in the world. Emory University, a private university founded in 1836, is ranked 21st among the top universities in the United States, and in 2016 has a global ranking in the top 10% of 750 Universities by U.S. News and World Report.  Emory University has an outstanding history of international engagement and is a frequent forum for discussions about human rights, health care, technology and the law. Emory is proud of its notable Professors, including Jimmy Carter, the former President of the United States and founder of The Carter Center” a not-for-profit organization focusing on international peace efforts and global public policy. CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta is an Associate Professor of Neurosurgery at Emory Medical School. Other global initiatives at Emory University include the Center for AIDS Research, the Center for Global Safe Water, the Halle Institute for Global Learning, the Emory Vaccine Center, Emory Global Health Initiative and the Lillian Carter Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility.

Emory University is also very proud that the drug emtricitabine (“FTC”), was invented on campus, which is among the most widely prescribed drugs for the treatment of HIV, and is included in eight HIV medications by Gilead Sciences (Atripla, Complera, Descovy, Emtriva, Genvoya, Odefsey, Stribild and Truvada).


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