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 What is your greatest life, artistic, academic and creative Achievements


LIFE – Playing national basketball from 1992 in school and the all Africa games team in 1995 and as number 1 point guard consistently.Artistic – Festival directing the Chimanimani Arts festival for 3 years and the Let Them Schools Arts Festival.Academic – IMM BBA and overcoming the fear of maths, accounting and statistical subjects in the course.Creative – Being part of the Stop to Start production we showcased.

What roles are you playing in transforming your communities?

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Nurturing talent in the youth through the Let Them Festival – youth ministry. Providing links with renowned artists and connecting in the arts.Including the arts where ever possible in the advertising world too.

  What are your future prospects in your career and your life?


I would like to study Psychology and specialize in child psychology as opposed to studying an MBA. My passion is children and feel thats where my future is.

  What is your parting shot to fellow women and girls?

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Success is through endeavor. Its ok to fail and learn in the process but stick with the dream and never give up though you may have to diversify.

Chido Chemoyo Musasiwa  is an enthusiastic and self-driven woman with several years of experience working as a Cultural Arts Manager in Zimbabwe. She is interested in taking part in the Global Cultural Leadership Program to be held in Malta during the month of October 2016. Her initiation into the cultural sector in Zimbabwe was in 2008 when she established an organization called the LET THEM Trust, a child oriented development initiative whose focus is on providing platforms for cultural expression to young people. The drive to establish this organization came from the realization that there was a gap in the system where children did not have any platforms for self-expression through the arts. Since then, the LET THEM trust has impacted thousands of children through its extensive programming as highlighted below:

  • Weekend Clubs Program where industry professionals mentor young children in various art forms such as Music, Dance, Acting, Deejaying, Sound Engineering and Creative Writing
  • Theatre Outreach Program to schools and communities in the rural areas where awareness campaigns are developed and executed through interactive theatre workshops and performances
  • Cultural Diversity Intelligence Youth Camps where pre-high school children are placed in an environment where they are educated about cultural diversity and taught to be empathic towards one another
  • LET THEM Annual Schools’ Arts Festival which provides opportunities for children from various socio-economic backgrounds to showcase their talents to one another.

She  has worked  extensively within the arts sector in various capacities as follows:

  • 2008 to present – Founder and Executive Director of LET THEM Trust
  • 2010 – Main Actress in local series “Small House Saga”
  • 2011 – Artist Manager for local reggae artists Jr Bantan and Sniper Storm
  • 2012 – Director of The Chimanimani Arts Festival
  • 2014 & 2015 – Treasurer at Zimbabwe Chamber of Creative Industries in Zimbabwe
  • 2015 to present – Chairperson of Afrikera Dance Trust.
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