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Ngozi Olivia Osuoha is a graduate of Estate Management from Nigeria. She is a passionate poet/writer. Has published many works online in Ghana, Canada, Liberia, USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Kenya, among others.  Her poetry is  endowed with rhythm  that tend  to vibrate the  soul of the reader , sometimes painful  though sweet painful . She reveres the work  of  the  literary titanic Chinua Achebe  as she also delves into  the whole  litany  of  other subject matters through her hair raising   and thought provoking verse.

At night, in the village square
At gathering for moonlight tales
I tell the dwindling hope of my people,
In a theatre it unfolds like a movie
I see their agony,
In a theatre like a sugeon stitching a torn flesh,
I feel their pain
I watch them wail and weep
As they swim in aches and navigate the trauma,
Penetrate the pores of hardship
And permeate the rocks of starvation
Because the center holds no more
Things are falling apart
And they are no longer at ease,
They mourn like a widow mourning her murdered son
And a virgin weeping for her slain soldier.
From the river bank i watch
As the storm disband fishes
And wave blow up beaches
I watch tide sweep the shores away.
Titanic, yet sinking
Rowing, yet steady
Floating, yet drowning
Coagulating debris and fungi
Dead, like a dead sea.
Far from the madding crowd
I watch the struggle
As they labour and toil in vain
Harvesting vanity and waste
The outrageous disaster,
And the flooding blood
A rhetorical question
None dares ask nor answer.
Dear Chinua Achebe
Things are falling apart
I think there was a country with the arrow of God
Maybe they kept it like those that captured “the ark of covenant”.
The banner of illiteracy engulfed our land
And chain of ignorance betrothed our fate,
The fetters of superstition clouded our peace
Then came the egocentric god to rescue
The god that indeed came against us, used us against us
The stranger that bought our ancestors
Enslaved our fathers, married our mothers
The tyrant that we served, guarded and worshipped
That one, that broke our center
Cracked our wall and made us fall apart
The one that sold and bought us for nothing.
Dear Chinua Achebe,
He bewitched us to practise witchcraft on ourselves
Till now things remain fallen apart
As though our womb bore no talents
As if our land was thorn instead of crown
As though we had no patriarch of gold
Brave and bold,
As if there was no matriarch of ruby, sacred and consecrated.
Bonded and yoked partisan
Free, yet enslaved fanatic
Flying a cursed route
Treading a forbidden zone,
Preaching a serpentine gospel
Terrorism, the mis-creed of religion.
Devoted and arrested ‘religioner’
Dedicated, committed enthusiast
Ardent, faithful loyalist
Ready, gallant spy
Brave, deceitful viper
Terrorism, mis-creed of religion.
The oracle of missiles
The brother of rockets,
The priest of gun
The saint of death
The god of destruction
Terrorism, mis-creed of religion.
The son of torture
The bread of war
The signature of bombs
The agreement of weapons,
The revival of doom
Terrorism, mis-creed of religion.
Bulletproof his organ
Virgins are worried,
Tick tock, the blast
Heaven is agog
Let the merry begin,
Terrorism, mis-creed of religion.
The peak of righteousness
Heritage divine, destiny fulfilled
Baton of peace, marathon of light
To God be the glory
Onward, forward ever
Terrorism, mis-creed of religion.
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Yells, voices, clubs, crowd
Condemnations, chants, choruses
Harsh chase, fierce search
Rods, irons, matchets, weapons
Tyres, fuel, the rage to burn
The anxiety to put to death
Mobocracy, a thorn on humanity.
Some not guilty nor proven
Some either to be jailed or fined
Some either cautioned or gainfully employed,
Some not to die
Some no evidence, mere speculation
Some, a malicious rumour
Some, envy, scandals and gossips
A lot, no reasonable facts
Hidden truths, undisclosed deals
Unknown lies, a trail of vengeance
Jungle justice, shadow of inhumanity.
A common dish to strangers
A dirty garment for visitors,
A note of hate and bitterness
Alien to love and unity
Jungle justice, a barren field.
Mobocracy, a cruel zeal
A harsh treatment and intolerance
A basin of soured dinner
A tree of fruitless branches
An epidemic, a xenophobia
Jungle justice, injustice to mankind.
Superstition and ignorance
Tradition and culture
Religion and belief
Rivalry and opposition,
Not too holy a mob
Seizing, ceasing the hands of time
Inflicting pain and perpetual agony,
All, a box of rags
Wisdom turns it a coat of many colors.
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Building beautiful castle
Writing wonderful epistle
Preaching amazing peace
Teaching confusing piece,
Singing melodiously to God
Living harmoniously to sword
Praying earnestly for doom
Hoping entirely for gloom,
Working assiduously on blood
Sweeping men like flood,
The book of quiver
The litany of fever,
Religion, angel Lucifer.
Unkind to mankind
Ugly like a bully
Hate and cheater
Blindness for godliness
Wayward and untoward
Deceiver and betrayer,
Wicked and crooked
Protester and waster
Heartless and meaningless
Rebel and babel
Killer and destroyer
Harmful and lustful
Religion, angel lucifer.
Chained, a slave
Cuffed, a suspect
Locked, a prisoner
Bound, a captive
Stranded, a stranger
Hopeless and helpless
Wreckless and restless
Confused and conquered
Wondering and wandering
Guilty and unpretty,
Hunted and haunted
Taunted and tormented
Weird and absurd
Religion, angel lucifer.

Edited  and Published by Mbizo Chirasha-   is the Editor/blogging Publisher, poet , writer and Creative communities expert . He runs a number of creative, literary and writing initiatives. Mbizo founded the blog journal ClimateDiaries Africa- which is publishing stories, opinions, news , profiles and poetry  on Climate , water , wildlife and other related themes. Mbizo is also publishing young poets and writers in the miombopublishing journal , www.miombpublishing.wordpress.comHe is profiling  efforts of women and girls around the world  in the blog site,www.personalitiesofinspiration.wordpress.com. He is the blog Editor/Publisher of the Poets for Climate Journal. Send your comments about  these blogs  on their feedback platforms and send emails to inspiringpersonalities@gmail.com  and  girlchildcreativity@gmail.com.