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CODA Africa band.

Maria Wilson  is well  known and popular  in the arts and cultural circles. She  is the  executive Director  of  the Harare International Festival  of Arts – a vibrant and all inclusive arts festival.

Today  the 22nd  of  march  2016 , the HFA media team  headed by Tafadzwa Simba   and supported by Maria Wilson gathered the media  arts  corps  to inform them about  the HIFA program  2016  themed  HIFA -Next level.

Tafadzwa Simba- Media relations Manager-HIFA.

Maria  who has been with  HIFA since its inception outlined  the new  programing  and new developments at HIFA . Truly  HIFA has taken a step further , the festival used to be  boxed  at  one main arena which  is  the popular Harare Gardens.From 2016 the festival package  is taken to various and new venues with the main objective  of audience development and  popularization  of artists around the Harare and the country. HIFA 2016 is not  going  to be   a 6 day  event  but  it is going  to be  a monthly  date   through  out  the year from April  to December with an exciting line up  of both local  and  international  acts-

Main highlights  include  CODA Africa-www.codaafrica.co.za and Urban Strings-wwwurbanstrings.co.za

Urban Strings band.

Also  included  in Next Level  is the  following.

April -Cabs ClassicMusic Celebration   at Georges College

Hope Masike-Kora Nomee.

May-Theatre  session/combining al  performance aspects

June- Party time  with Parkade Party  and Music Concert Weekend

Killer T-popular Dancehall wiz kid.


The festival boast  of new concepts  that include  sports in its  menu  that  is rugby ,Formula one racing  Demonstration , Hair and Beauty Showcase.

Emanuel Bagoro- Artistic Director.


The Next  Level menu  begins  with a classical music  dish  in April and  ends  with  a dessert of Environmental conference  in Victoria Falls.



The HIFA team is  highly esteemed with  the menu and they are promising   consumers  fireworks , entertainment , funny ,  a new experience,education and a powerful  next level.



Compiled by Mbizo Chirasha, Writer , Poet , Blogger!