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Like I always say whenever I stand to talk to women, my preamble goes like this ‘You are not a dustbin, you are not a doorstep, and you are God’s best creation, so please rise and shine my dear women!!’-

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What is your greatest life, artistic, academic and creative Achievements?

I am a great student to life and love. I see my achievements in each breath I take. Life has provided me with great opportunities to touch peoples’ lives in different ways. I am a humanitarian and have helped so many people achieve their dreams through giving them free counseling, assistance and love. I value education and have paid and continue to pay fees for some people so they can achieve their dreams. This is my full calling-to make people see that bright light at the end of the tunnel.

I am an artist that never tires in getting myself educated am in the process of acquiring more and more informal and formal education. I love learning new things and especially new languages.

I believe in revolving my talents to be dynamic and never boring. I am a poet, songwriter, voice over artist and businesswoman. My creative achievements have been my publication of my first anthology while I was in college in 2009 ‘Matters of Life’ published by Veriest Solutions International was a stepping stone to my creativity. This was followed by my poetry transformed into songs ,’ON HIS BOSOM’ cd recorded at Revival Studios in 2013.I was featured in books such as ‘As they find a way’ 2012 a compilation book of women who inspire in Zimbabwe and also I was elated by my interview in the magazine called JEWEL.I have been a patron helping with editing the young ones poetry in order for them to achieve their dreams.
One of my creative passions is performing poetry regularly perform personalized poems at weddings and other special events. Performing makes me come alive and makes me very happy. I also love photography and am still perfecting my skills!
The last thing I enjoy is writing poetry for creative gifts such as anytime cards, t shirts, cups and many more. I am a Christian poet and whatever I do leads to building.


What roles are you playing in transforming your communities?
I do whatever I feel makes a difference. I help in fees payments train and edit poems for free. I consider myself a voice of the voiceless as I help my female counterparts from marginalized communities to know that they have value and can achieve whatever they want or envision through handwork and self belief.

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I love surprising myself, but most of all I enjoy the push I get from my manager and husband Takemore Mazuruse. We want to continue making great impacts in other peoples’ lives and making them achieve their dreams. Well…writing and performing are my two greatest hobbies and I will never stop. My next anthology is coming end of September 2015 and that should be something to look for.

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Like I always say whenever I stand to talk to women, my preamble goes like this ‘You are not a dustbin, you are not a doorstep, and you are God’s best creation, so please rise and shine my dear women!!’