ShunguNaMUtitima, tonga for the Smoke that thunders

The ShunguNamutitima   International Film Festival  is the first of its kind in Livingstone  resort town of Zambia , the festival was founded by Musola  , a n iconic film and creativity  advocate. Today the festival in its official  day 4. The team  is  versatile  , well organized and made up of young ernegetic,creative and hospitable.

Enter , Chief Mukuni of Tonga Leya and his love for art  and film . His commitment to the festival  . The communities  screenings are  done at the Mukuni Palace with blessing  of the Chief, which reflects the festivals abilities to engage   and share with communities around it . Sunday the 23rd of August so a documentary  on Mukuni Traditional ceremony bring screened on the Traditional Place, the  documentary  displayed history , dance , song ,  seasonal  ,  brews  , initiations  of the Mukuni chiefdom  and its people. In these  ceremonies everyone participate with great joy. The raining  ceremony  and the traditional ceremony  are  dates /events  on  their yearly calendar hence record proceedings into documentary films- thus further confirming the  role of film  and art in the preservation  of historical ideologies and cultural anthropology of various communities. Thus telling  people and their children their story. The  festival  hosts film forum , writers workshops , community screenings  and other creative /artistic conventions seeking to address the Creative Question through global  , regional  and societal views- films.

Day 4   the screenings will take place at the PRESBYTERIAN  church in central Living stone with  following  films , Tears of Sorrow/15m-South Africa,Crippled/30m/Namibia,Supersition/120m/Uganda,Lilongwe/88m/Malawi

The theme of this edition of Shungu Namutitima is  Dare to Dream!Make a Difference!- the  resonates with films  in screening and activities supporting the festival. The festival  has become  a blast furnace of  artistic  flames , poetry ,  music , film seminars , forums and  community interventions. Kabwe province is seething with  film and artistic hangover as we speak  during  the weekend  Shungu launched the Kabwe film  festival  ,a satellite of Shungu Namutitima – the satellite festival is managed by  Mwape Mumbi – veteran arts/ film manager The Shungu  team is led by Musola Catherine Kasekete – Founder/Festival Director , Mwape Mumbi- Festival Mananager-Kabwe Festival Chapter, Mulenga Kasongo- Livingstone Festival Chapter , Michael Mwanza- Festival Coordinator and a host of young people that are getting administrative exposure  ,  cultural and artistic experience from the festival . Which further confirms the festival  finer approach community development and engagement