https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/?view=att&th=14db8828065eb9b9&attid=0.2&disp=inline&realattid=f_iaghh1ju1&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P-UpqNQ_wvA7z65GZoxPkDL&sadet=1434469155694&sadat=ANGjdJ-D1L4wNYc0e2nduQkbMrn9j7vn7ZMdKqaCmbPSS5KhvTifST7LFMzDsnA&sads=DwwakPqFvSjy0uho8Vc1K3q7sRoWinter arrived with its claws of coldness and we all felt it. The mist of coldness cannot afford to linger over our grasses, roofs and pavements. The Motherly pen of Auxie  Mzilawempi brought a blanket of warmth through her well shaped clean warm wool of words. The poetess is a voice of womanhood. She touches her pen tenderly, and then her words become a drum beat for the plight of motherhood, sisterhood and womanhood. She is the poetic answer to problems bedeviling the women race with her sharp symbolism, metaphor and satire. While she walks in this poetic journey of feminine freedom and justice, she passes through  complexities and realities of life. To cream it the entire poetess is graced by verbal dexterity and fascinating but thought provoking diction. The Poetess was born in Zimbabwe and she resides in Cape town, where she works as a hotelier. She is a wife , a mother, a writer and hospitality professional. This blog journal will bring you our interview with the Poetess , her thought provoking and illusionistic essay and her Power in the Voice-Poetry!

What is your greatest life, artistic, academic and creative Achievements? My greatest life achievement stands as identifying my forte, which apparently is penning. I love the art of grouping words. I’m not really about collecting resplendent feathers but going with the flow of what I find fascinating. I work in Tourism and Hospitality sector. Having won Zimbabwe Tourism Authority award for academics, 2006 and getting another accolade from Zimbabwe Development Fund – my dues always go to the love I have for nature and its complexity so as appreciation of my passion for writing.

What roles are you playing in transforming your communities? I have a heart to do my little bit in bettering the space I live in and afield. I use my talent of writing, which inclines to poetry, inspirational stories and essays.

What are your future prospects in your career and your life? Whatever opportunity presented along my way, I’ll grab. There’s never satiety in achieving – I believe; I need to grow my writing further and just be of substance in all angles of my life.

What is your parting shot to fellow women and girls? Surround yourself with positive minded people and never ever underrate yourself. If another person managed to accomplish their goals that means you and I can also. Setbacks are bound to exist, always cultivate on positivity. .

Proud of Stone Age!-Essay of the season! aaaah…aha https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/?view=att&th=14df587088f2e8bb&attid=0.1&disp=inline&realattid=f_iaxewfrk0&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P-UpqNQ_wvA7z65GZoxPkDL&sadet=1434469668249&sadat=ANGjdJ8x3b6ZuvzFi5fLbyO7C3vQAvm8rmG0gVOQH0xmw-AJVeGZQWghdZiH-H4&sads=xCeSaFgrAuUEwk6S-MlmvdOzUQ4With all the technology that seems advancing hourly, little in appraisal of Stone Age is readily accessible. Everything depicting parent era of generations seems to be vaporizing. Virtually all content that my eyes have come across has been laid in such manner to portray how primitive it used to be then; outlining the glamour of how fast forwarding generations have become regarding technology. Envy to peruse yesteryear is shadowing as fine-tune seemingly takes over as focal point of today’s living. ‘Who started what’ game only sounds thrilling when zooming in past eras, suppose Renaissance, owing to invention slowly becoming like addiction. Mushrooming of technology in all directions of life has outstripped the might of nature. Eolithic, Paleolithic, Mesolithic – my pride lies. “Welcome to reality, 21st Century; new World of Technology’’, one may try to psyche me… Behold, my mind is set; stuck in the past. I feel my senses floundering in thicket of technology offering nothing much unfeigned to grip on. ‘Scientific application of art in industry or commerce to solve problems’ – technology interprets but its rapid growth seems more of fantasy other than problem solving. Literally, it is about pressing a button. I get no satiety in just tapping. Unconsciously world merits Stone Age – I puzzle out. Technology brought tears of joy, which now mutate into wailing. Yes, we yearn for better cubits to life span, the Stone Age style. Like, one year was discoveries and production of genetically modified foods and the other, horrific revelation of toxicity in such. It is worrisome technology creating an aura of insecurity and mistrust in diverse scenarios. “Which is which?” is the gnawing dilemma consumers frequently face and are left to nurse. Technology now appears to be anthem of forever. Like lullaby, it pampers and feels like it sired the universe making it blurry to realize its perils. Only it was living creature I bet, covered in green veil of the earliest era on my knees I would lament, “Walk me back to ancient”. Negative implications of technology broaden faster outmatching positives. Lives are pathetically being lost and immature minds going astray due to lack of proper education on ever changing technicalities. I took it as jest good Christmases back, when my grandmother decoded technology as soap, saponified to wash away ethos. Today, analyzing root cause of many family dysfunctions or meant-to-be relations points to misuse of social media networks. Just like abrupt response to an itch on scalp, most people now operate on reflex opposing well-informed decisions. The better technology advances, the more it leads to idleness, creating loop holes for crime, hatred and greed for money. It outturns more costly to generally curb unscrupulousness brought forth in the name of technology. Stone Age life stands appealing; living natural in harmonious and stress-free space. ‘Who purportedly, on the back of an animal or on foot would travel for weeks with intention of splattering cruel words at somebody – if so, I conceive that zeal igniting into embraces!’ Gone is the yester year and its’ beauties. Today’s living compels one to be vigilant of what is happening around especially when grenade can be puffed in hand like yo-yo. It turns out nothing much left to praise technology when such small device is capable of detonating life, even many souls at once. There arises need for implementation of tighter security measures and thus triggering production of more sophisticated security devices. As is, in various socio-economic sectors, demand for invention keeps increasing vehemently, a chase after eternity. Transport modes are continuously modified to try and suit everyone’s taste – I agree and applaud but its cons are more perturbing. It is asserted vehicles emit dangerous gases. Thanks to the Carbon Emission Tax on vehicle purchases – only it could purify air. Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas responsible for global warming. I gesture, let’s move back to Stone Age where beloved animal would be mode of transport too; no noise pollution, none threatening emissions or the worst, road accidents. Traffic frustrations will remain an imagination of creative minds. Recycle, reduce, conserve today they sing. Recycle, reduce, conserve; they write. Recycle, reduce, conserve; they cry. Sounding monotonous like cliché but World at large is at stake. In as much as high risk technology is left to grow, concomitantly the recipe to disaster fortifies! With ever improving technology people are tantalized to replacing appliances quicker to keep abreast with trends. Uninformed, outdated stuff is mostly discarded like was never of value. Old appliances, furniture, tyres and clothes – now own pieces of land. “Clothes cannot be recycled” – we excuse. I wonder why we keep multi-producing or buying extravagantly when stuff goes to waste intoxicating land. I am proud of Stone Age – slaughter an animal for food skin becomes mat; it becomes clothing and the bone beaded into jewellery or working tool; phew… sustainable. Ambience of technology is getting scarier and scarier, like already having gadget to peel – knife, we get another to slice; chopping – spoilt again; want it minced – accorded to having another; liquidize? – I give up… Although cumbersome to space, it is perplexing. There will still be wide range to select from on shelves. Like phage in host, world over, with assorted artifacts market is flooding. The rates are alarming but subconsciously, buying and production keep enticing. The old adage probably applies; “road to disaster is wider and smoother”. Earth cannot assimilate all waste, a result of technical activities. Every individual needs to play a part, I perceive. Some manufacturers urge us to contact them if we don’t know what to with old electronics. They either refer us where to surrender or they simply take them back. Perhaps they sacredly consult with the Earth-friendly masters for advice – I’m content for I believe in Stone Age. Large quantities of paper, plastic and cans lie around. People of today simply dump when exhausted. Others even burn when frustrated! It was better then in Stone Age, when match never existed. One had to think twice before lighting! “Recycle, recycle, recycle”, I hear the phrase repeatedly. I find it antagonizing lifestyle of the current millennium. “Recycle glass, cans, paper and plastic” they inform. “Reuse wherever possible”. Not everyone abides. It was better back then when glass and bottle never existed. If it had remained that way, ostensibly the better life would have been; adorable and confident to live. Informative advice is readily available “printing has to be the last resort”, for example but auditing trash cans might just leave one disappointed. I often wonder how many persons would stick to a motto “Buy only in need and shun want”. “Yard trims and food refuse make good organic composts that tremendously help us in-turn”; Environmentalists do their best. Precisely it helps save earth! With proper consultations and also depending on Geographical areas, people are encouraged to make use of effluent water – thank you technology but in Stone Age it was natural phenomena. I am always drawn back to this era. “Everything was natural”; an echo to archaeological discoveries… People lived in shelters, parallelism of the present but we diversely differ on material use. They chiefly utilized mud and thatch. Only environmentally safe ways to do any work applied. Making the whole list of all that makes a building of today functional makes me shudder, drenching in realism of how fragile the environment has become. The most helpful advice I have ever acknowledged is to strive and support all recycling programs one comes across and has to emanate from individual veins. I, took an oath before Mother Nature to play my part – it will be hard diarizing an incident of just waking up with name Eolithic endorsed on my birth certificate. It will simply be labeled ‘Magic’ and sadly not healing the present or future. Only products of recycled material, biodegradable, whenever possible I buy. In as much as many might want to participate, alas, budget might not always allow. Usually, such products are dearly priced. On another hand manufacturers stress how involving it is in producing such. Who then is to blame? Only time could reverse before facing dreadful penalty, global warming! – Threat to mankind. What will happen to innocent animal – I fear; sinless bee thus making honey in mother name of nature? With climate change already hitting other parts of the world, I image flaccid cow having to feed own calf and a hopeless somebody, impatiently waiting to milking it crack of dawn. When or where we went wrong nobody can certify. Rather better rolling back and start afresh. We hardly apprehend generosity of Stone Age people; they did not write but immensely set an example for inheriting generations to appreciate and adopt. A cliché goes “action speaks louder than word”. They left the ozone layer intact but now we deplete and destroy! We exhaust the environment! This is 2015. What are we to leave the next generations – of our own – or maybe the planet will not even reach that far – Sad. It is trustful and calming that nothing can stop nurturance today in as much as it resonated in the yester-year; applying technology in manner that ameliorates sustainability to humanity so as ecology, other than aggravating… Giving standing ovation to archeology, I am proud of Stone Age!- by Auxie Lebo Mzilawepi