Zimbabwean Mothers Writers Prize 2015

celebrating the writing gem in our Zimbabwean mothers

Short Story writing and poetry writing Competition 2015

Introduction– talent in Zimbabwe is unlimited and mothers have a lot to tell each other and their country through stories and poetry. There are things that are better written than said. This is an opportunity for mothers to write their experiences of motherhood, touching on issues of the economy, political landscape, cultural and social terrain including historical and entertaining stories.
Aim of the Mother Contest

If mothers can be given a chance to tell their mountains and volcanoes of stories, by the virtue of them being mothers, the growing generations can tape a lot of nations and lead Zimbabwe to prosperity.
Contest Guidelines
1. The Contributors must aged 21- 40 years of age
2. The Contributors are supposed to be Zimbabwean Women
3. The writings must show high levels of creativity in form of short stories and poetry
4. The stories must be relevant to Zimbabwe and its people
5. Opening date 1st of February 2015 and submission deadline 1st of May 2015
6. Results of winners to be announced the judging panel on the 1st of June 2015 at a Prize Ceremony.
Submission guidelines
Short stories and poems
-Length of 1500- 3000 words for short stories and not more than 100 words of poetry.
-12 Roman font size
– To be sent as a Microsoft Document / attachment
-Submit not later than 1st of May 2015
-Include the Title of the Entry, Your full name , your age , your short bio alongside with your story
– Please follow the above mentioned rules and risk disqualification
Judging Panel.
-to be selected from University Professors, Accomplished writers, Accomplished mothers and poets.

  • Benefits
    -All Entrants to attend Writing Skills and media workshops workshops to be facilitated by Creative Writing Experts
    -Selected writers to attend a Press briefing
    – Selected writers to be published in a book collection
    – All entrants will receive complimentary copies
  • Awards/Prizes for Winners

-Cash Prizes, Hampers/Vouchers, Books,
-Laptops and Writers Retreats.
Contact information
The Coordinating Team
Face book group- inspiring personalities
Call number +263 734 112 837