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Reconcile yourself with fear. Accept that it is there, and talk to it. I’ve found that accepting that there are things that I am afraid of and then working out how to manage my feelings about them is more effective than either giving into fear

Who is Sarah Britten– Sarah Britten is a social media strategist, author, blogger, artist and public speaker. Born and bred in Johannesburg, Sarah studied at the University of the Witwatersrand and obtained a PhD in Applied English Language Studies in 2005.She is one of very few artists anywhere in the world who works in the medium of lipstick, and her work has been exhibited in China.

Your greatest achievements– On paper, it would be my PhD. I procrastinated for seven years to get it, and I’m very glad I stuck it out. I have also published five books and held three solo art exhibitions. This question did prompt me to question what achievement actually is – and in some ways my greatest achievement is surviving the past six years, which were very difficult indeed: death, emigration, being made redundant, divorce and severe depression. I assumed I’d end up hospitalized with a nervous breakdown, but somehow I kept going even when it seemed unimaginably hard.

Where do you draw your inspiration?– I am interested in everything, so I read as much as possible. I also love sourcing ideas from Twitter – I follow over 5000 people and you never know what will spark an idea. I channel what I find into my work as a strategist and writing as well as my painting. Ephemeral beauty in the form of flocks of birds, or the glimpse of a shaft of sunlight pouring from the clouds – all of these inspires me to create.
Your words to women and girls– We don’t always have the freedom to do what we love for a living.
It’s more important to get stuff done than it is to be perfect. Take the first step. Then the next and the next

Smile at other people. Listen to their stories. Be interested in others, and they will be interested in you.

Don’t let others define you. We live in a world where the way we look and behave is constantly questioned, and it’s important to maintain a strong core sense of self.
Love yourself. This is very hard, and I am not quite sure I have succeeded.
Don’t be anyone other than yourself. Being somebody else is too much hard work.
If you need help, ask for it.

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By Mbizo Chirasha