The Great ,creative icon.


The highly creative , internationally certified and immensely awarded Musola Cathrine Kaseketi is a very difficult celebrity to write about . Her creativity and experience is vast and abundant that you can’t summarize to come out with something you get satisfied that you have really fully profiled this iconic and elephantic figure. An Icon who have traversed the world from Zambia , Africa , Asia , America and Europe amassing great human rights richness , academic excellence and creative/cultural and film making wealth. She is really the Queen Mother of Southern African Film.

Musola was born in Solwezi and grew up in Kabwe ,Zambia in the year 1968. In that great year an icon was born, a shining star , a believer and a fighter in the making. Musola has a physical disability but she has defied the entire stigma by her astounding and mesmerizing work she is doing around…

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