Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda has worked extensively and vigorously in Humanitarian, child rights and women rights projects and international organizations like United Nations. Currently Nyaradzayi is the Secretary General of the World girls and women body YWCA, with its headquarters base in Geneva.

She is a recipient of numerous national, regional and international awards ranging from girl child and women rights accolades. In her rural dust laden Murehwa District, Nyaradzayi founded Rozaria Memorial Trust , a project that seeks to strengthen peripheral communities through girl child clubs in schools and interact with communities around them using creativity, talents , information and empowerment models.
Nyaradzayi is much interested in the empowerment of women and children mostly with her mesmerizing work with African Union; she speaks about the plight of Girl Child with passion.
I see this Woman of Inspiration as a global Icon amassed with iconic views and projects that can transform the World into a better one.
This writer chose not to dwell more on Nyaradzayi and her life in Humanitarian work because the miles she have traveled in this arduous journey are many and need many years to pen down and serve the world this Iconic Menu.

This village scribe has thought to bring golden patches, diamond verses, platinum quotes extracted from the speeches of this titanic Mother of Inspiration.
‘’My life story embodies the essence of the Assembly theme: “make it happen”. Growing up as an orphan and as the last born child in a family of 11, I shared the pains and struggles of my mother’s the 27 years of life as a widow. Mine is the story of a rural and village girl, growing up in the middle of the war, surrounded by material poverty and yet living in the full embrace of spiritual riches and abundant love. My mother, was taken out of her grade 3 class in order to marry my father, she was barely 16 years old. She was denied the education she so thirsted for. She drew on her inner strength, reached out to friends, other women in the community and her local church to help her raise us, her children. It was not easy, she had little or no choices, options and opportunities, and yet she made it happen. She feed us, sent us to school and ensured we were able to stand on our two feet. Later in life, my mother buried some of her own children due to AIDS related illnesses, while she also cared for a daughter and son with mental health challenges. She found her voice, drew deeply from her inner strength, prayed, worked with her hands and networked, to make it all happen. Her story is my story, it’s your story and it’s a story of billions of other women across the world.

You are a child of God and born in the image of the creator. You are as important as any other person. Stand up tall among others, even if you are walking bare feet and with no pant! For dignity is experienced within’.
Thank you Yvette Richards, Harriet Olson, and all of you in this Assembly for honoring me girl from Magaya Village, for inviting me to this table to serve the multitudes with food that nourishes the work of the United Methodist women into the future. I bring with me to this Assembly my two fish and five loaves of bread ~ my lived experiences, thoughts, and ideas on how to advance the status of women and girls around the world‘.
I draw on the World YWCA’S 160 years of her story, and its focused mission on leadership development for women and girls for COLLECTIVE ACTION, for a world of peace, justice, freedom, dignity, health and care for our environment. I share this moment also with the many YWCA members, volunteers, friends, supporters and sisters who are with us today, at this moment and in this Assembly!’’

I am inspired by my late mother, Rozaria Marumisa Dizha, the person who taught me to love, care and share. Upon her death and in her honour I established Rozaria Memorial Trust, a community organisation reaching over 10,000 people in Murewa. We provide assistance to children living with HIV so that they can access education and treatment’’.

Conclusion!-Wipe dust off the feet, Wipe tears off their faces Nyaradzayi. Reader you would want to agree with me that, this writer and other do not blow horns for the wind. These horns are being blown for the good harvest attained the Inspiration of Mothers and Women sacrificing their lives, minds and souls for the betterment of others.

@Mbizo Chirasha- International Poet, Writer, Founder GirlChildCreativityProject