Woman of Inspiration!


Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda has worked extensively and vigorously in Humanitarian, child rights and women rights projects and international organizations like United Nations. Currently Nyaradzayi is the Secretary General of the World girls and women body YWCA, with its headquarters base in Geneva.

She is a recipient of numerous national, regional and international awards ranging from girl child and women rights accolades. In her rural dust laden Murehwa District, Nyaradzayi founded Rozaria Memorial Trust , a project that seeks to strengthen peripheral communities through girl child clubs in schools and interact with communities around them using creativity, talents , information and empowerment models.
Nyaradzayi is much interested in the empowerment of women and children mostly with her mesmerizing work with African Union; she speaks about the plight of Girl Child with passion.
I see this Woman of Inspiration as a global Icon amassed with iconic views and projects that can transform the…

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