Ayodele Nzinga, popularly known Wordslanger in Oakland Ca is the greatest inspiration to all unborn and born to become artists and creative entrepreneurs of this world .She have mastered the art of creativity across genres with amazing dexterity and versatility.

Ayodele Nzinga in a poetic trance

Nzinga founded the oldest North American African Theater troupe in Oakland, United States of America. She is currently pushing up for big and ambitious project towards being the first director/producer on the planet to stage August Wilson American Century Cycle in chronological order.
As a scholar and a productive artist her work is dedicated to the transformation of marginalized urban communities. I founded a free summer arts camp in 2007 that teaches collaboration and critical literacy through art. She teaches youth how to ACT in the world by teaching them to act on stage.

In 2015 she will produce the last two installments in the American Century Cycle. I look forward to doing another album and publishing some essays, poetry, and some scholarly work as well as some original stage work by myself and other Africans

Ayodele Nzinga, the great should remind us all of the legendary Queen Nzinga the Congo Pride .She is truly the Queen of art and letters. She holds MFA and PhD and she is a single mother who have raised seven [7] children on her own. Very Inspiring!

Her parting shot. “I am a North American African tasked with remembering and constructing home in a sorrow land. I am trying to be all that I am called to be. I am a purposeful bridge with a sankofa heart — I remember, I speak, I build”-
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