Siddhartha Beth Pierce is a Mother, Poet, Artist, Teacher and Humanitarian. Her works of art and poetry are available both nationally and internationally including countries like the United States of America, New Zealand, Ireland, Bombay,

Nigeria and Australia. Her work encompasses many aspects of the literary but also science, math, metaphysics, nature and the Divine. She is much inspired visually and phonetically by other creative works.

Her greatest achievement was a brief interview that was conducted with her on PBS (Public Broadcasting Station) in April of 2001 on TV Channel 23-WCVE, around the Appomattox, It outlined her work during that time period at Virginia State University in Petersburg, Virginia, as the Artist-in-Residence, Assistant Professor and Solo Exhibiting Artist and Writer in the Meredith Gallery. She taught African Art History and Advanced Computer Graphics, while hosting a solo exhibition of art and poetry as the Artist-in-Residence.

In her immediate communities, which are both local and global, Siddhartha Beth Pierce is educating them on the understanding of art and poetry as well as offering free educational outreach programs through her volunteer position as Director of Poetry at The Urban Individualists Gallery, Richmond, Virginia, USA.

She is a founding member and Artist for The Urban Individualists Gallery. Her second and third books of art and poetry via Inner Child Press with I Do and Ripple. In addition, I am the volunteer Performing and Creative Arts Columnist for Inner Child Magazine which is an online publication. Finally, she also, a member of The Poetry Posse of 2014 with hopes to continue into the future. This is a collaborative poetical expressive effort with which she is honored to be a core member and they feature other poets every month. This publication is available free via download or for only $5.00 per month and includes poems shared by The Poetry Posse and guest poets with a book every month since January 2014. The downloads and print versions are available at:

Personally, the birth of her beloved son Pierce Emery, in October of 1998 was the most inspiring achievement of my life. Growing with him, nurturing him and learning with him over the years has been the most abundant period of her being. He is the inspiration and now assistant on many of her works of art and poetry. His C- Section birth story is documented in her first book of poetry and art, In the Beginning and the End, with the prose piece Drawn and Quartered, available via Writing Knights Press on

Her parting words, “It is only a silver of the Artist’s Statement I created at Virginia State University in 2001, yet, I do believe it is still noteworthy and it is my dream to see more of my work at this level of Creation in the near future”…

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